Unique Shots!

color theory

Introducing "Color-Theory" by ELBEBOS. A photography session like no other. Dive into a realm of creativity and artistic expression, where traditional boundaries fade away, and imagination takes center stage. This session is all about breaking free from the ordinary and exploring the extraordinary. We specialize in capturing moments that defy convention, using a blend of vibrant colors, dynamic lighting, and unconventional angles to create images that ignite the imagination and evoke emotion.

What Sets Color -Theory Shots Apart


Artistic Exploration

 Our Unique Shots sessions are a playground for creativity, where we encourage you to let your imagination run wild. Whether you want to play with light and shadow, experiment with bold colors, or create surreal compositions, we're here to bring your vision to life.


fun and spontaneaity

Say goodbye to stiff poses and forced smiles. Our Unique Shots sessions are all about spontaneity and fun. We believe that the best moments happen when you're relaxed and enjoying yourself, so we create a lively and energetic atmosphere that allows you to let loose and be yourself.


indoor and nigthtime magic

 While traditional photography often relies on natural light and outdoor settings, Unique Shots thrives in indoor and nighttime locations. From dimly lit clubs to neon-lit streets, we embrace the challenge of working with unconventional lighting conditions to create striking and memorable images.


urforgettable results

Whether you're looking for bold and dramatic shots or quirky and whimsical compositions, we deliver results that exceed your expectations. If you're ready to step outside the box and embrace a new level of creativity in your photography, Unique Shots by ELBEBOS is the perfect choice. Let's embark on a journey of artistic exploration and create images that are as unique and vibrant as you are.


I quick overview with a detailed idea of what to expect of our unique photo session.

Starting up $150


/ 10 Masterpieces photos


/ Personalized Gallery with high quality


/2 Virtual meetings


/ Tons of joy


/ 1 Hour Session